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Los Angeles, CA

The Demon Lo (reading - in development)     Director                                       The Visceral Company

The Call of Cthulhu (World premiere)            Director/Sound Design                  The Visceral Company

     * "Pick of the Week", "Top Ten Production",

Zombies from the Beyond (LA premiere)       Director                                       The Visceral Company

     * 2014 Ovation Awards: Best Actress, Musical (nominated)

     * 2014 LA Theater Awards: Best Comedy Director, Best Comedy Female Performance, Best Comedy

       Ensemble (all nominated)

     * "Best of 2014," Best LA Premiere of a Musical

     * 2014 Stage Scene Awards: Best Actress, Musical (winner); Best Musical Production, Best Musical

        Ensemble, Best Musical Direction (nominated)

      * Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014: Encore Producers Award (official "Best of Fringe" selection)

      * "Recommended Production," LA Weekly

Recall (West Coast premiere)                       Director                                      The Visceral Company

      * "Pick of the Week", "Top Ten Production",

      * "Recommended Production", LA Weekly

The Mystery Plays                                        Sound Design                              The Visceral Company

      * 2014 Ovation Awards: Best Sound Design (nominated)

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite (LA premiere)      Director/Adaptation                      The Visceral Company

     * 2013 Ticketholder Awards: Best Director, Best Adaptation, Best Supporting Actor (2 actors) (nominated);

        Best Supporting Actor (winner), Special Achievement in Puppet Design

     * “Pick of the Week”, LA Weekly

The Baby                                                    Director/Adaptation                     The Visceral Company

     * Hollywood Fringe Festival 2013: Encore Producers Award (Official “Best of Fringe” Selection);

       Most Orgasmic Production (nominated)

Hemophelia’s House of Horrors                     Director/Concept                         The Visceral Company

Kill Me                                                        Director                                      The Visceral Company

Veronica’s Room                                          Director                                     The Visceral Company

Ghost Light (World premiere)                        Writer                                        The Visceral Company

The Turn of the Screw                                  Director                                     The Visceral Company

     *LA Weekly Awards 2013: Best One-Act Direction (winner); Best Two-Person Performance (winner);

      Revival of the Year (nominated)

Dead of Night: Tales by Stephen King           Director/Writer                            The Visceral Company

   (2 one-acts: Nona [director], The Ten O'Clock People [writer])

Closet Land                                                 Producer                                     The Visceral Company

The Revenants (West Coast premiere)          Director                                      The Visceral Company

Tales to Die For                                          Director                                       The Visceral Company

   (3 one-acts: The Monster Seated Next to Me, My Sexy Doll, Dante's Inferno: The Motion Picture)

Four Shadows                                             Director/Sound Design                  The Visceral Company

  (2 one-acts: Deeds, Spirit)

Deuces Wild (sketch comedy)                       Director                                      Deuces Wild


3rd Degree Burn (sketch comedy)                 Director                                      3rd Degree Burn

E.O. (World Premiere)                                 Director                                      The Tre Stage

A Little Social Intercourse (10-minute)           Director                                      Write Act Repertory Company

When Charlie Comes Home (one-act)           Director                                      Write Act Repertory Company

The Raving (10-minute)                               Director                                      Write Act Repertory Company

Communication (reading)                             Director                                      Alliance of LA Playwrights

The Importance of Being Earnest                  Director/Dramaturg                     The People’s Theatre

Bugbaby (one-act)                                       Writer                                        Write Act Repertory Company

Hidden in this Picture (one-act)                     Director                                      Write Act Repertory Company


New York, NY

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite                           Director/Dramaturg                     Common Basis Theatre

Bunny Lake Is Missing                                  Director/Writer                           Cobblestone Productions

FutureGirl (one-act)                                     Director                                      Oasis Theatre @ Chashama

Ally, Mary Jane and Me                                Director                                      78th Street Theatre Lab

The Crimson Thread                                   Assistant Director                         Cobblestone Productions




The Visceral Company, Los Angeles, CA – Founder, Artistic Director, Member of Board of Directors

Responsible for all aspects of production, including show selection, casting, marketing and production design.

  * Company recognized as one of top ten best-reviewed Los Angeles theatre companies in 2013 and 2014 

     by review aggregate site


Cobblestone Productions, Inc., New York, NY - Artistic Director, Member of Board of Directors

Responsible for all aspects of production, including show selection, casting, and production design.


The Shubert Organization, New York, NY - Theatre Operations Assistant

Assisted with all aspects of day-to-day management and operations for 17 Broadway theatres.  Also assisted with development of new material for production.

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